Indirect illumination


          The project belongs to the field of lighting technology. The technical results are the increase in quality and the reduction of cost of lighting.

          The project is dedicated to the creation of new laser and LED light bulbs of white and changeable color intended for lighting, which in their functionality match the existing LED and incandescent light bulbs and have a number of advantages over them.

          The novelty of the light bulbs is due to the use of indirect lighting. The narrow beams of laser diodes and the beams of super-bright high-power LEDs are reflected from the curved mirror, which is located inside the light bulb and has a spreading surface (diffusing surface, multi-faceted surface or any other) or a mirrored surface coated with luminophore. When reflected from such surfaces, light rays are transformed (expanded and mixed) into homogeneous light, uniformly distributed in space.


          Such light bulbs have the following advantages over the existing ones:

          - Lighting power of the light bulbs is increased by 2 or more times.

          - Electricity consumption is reduced by 1/3.

          - Light output is approximately 30% higher thanks to the possibility of using super-bright light sources.

          - The light bulbs do not create glares.

          - CRI of 90-95%.

          - The color-changing light bulbs can have a luminous flux that is ten times greater than that of the existing light bulbs.

          - The light bulbs can be adjusted to the circadian rhythms of humans, animals, birds, plants, i.e. the light bulbs can change the intensity of light and the color temperature throughout the day.

          - The light bulbs can be adjusted to regularly change the illumination spectra throughout a certain period of time. Such lighting encourages the effective development of animals, birds, plants and enhances their performance.


         Fields of application of such light bulbs include:

          General lighting.

          Agricultural industry.

          Outdoor lighting.

          Special lighting.

          A prototype has been designed and fabricated.

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