Color changing lamp



          Brus Technologies company presents a prototype of ENERGYSAVING

WHITE AND VARIABLE-COLOR LIGHTING LAMPS, equivalent to a filament bulb of 60w.

The lamp uses LEDs (3w, 700mA).

Lamp properties:

          The developed structure allows creating compact white and variable-colored lamps of any intensity. The emitter size of such lamps does not vary with its intensity, and does not exceed the size of the bulb of a filament lamp. The lamp size is limited only by the driver that is placed inside the lamp. The light flux leaving the lamp has a uniform spatial mixing and uniform spatial scattering of colors. The angle of the uniform spatial dispersion reaches 180 degrees and in different modifications can reach 300 degrees. Color control is preformed by changing the voltage of colored LEDs. The developed lamps allow to vary the color and intensity of lighting at any instant, and thereby to create multiple color combinations changeable at will. This allows the simultaneous solution of functional and aesthetic problems according to the purpose of one or another room and to the time of day.

          Now everyone can choose and change lighting colors in compliance with his or her character and mood at the moment. The white light lamp simultaneously uses white LEDs with different shades. The temperature produced corresponds to the temperature of the LEDs in the lamp.


The white light lamp has transparent emitter, which can be made of glass or plastic, be colored, changeable or embossed. Possible uses:


          - Indoor or outdoor lightning.

          - Lightning applications: spots, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, table lamps, chandeliers etc.

          - In Spot Curing Systems.

          - In various electro-optic devices for colored or non-colored lighting or as signal lamps. Instead of separate signal lamps (red, green, yellow, etc.), it will be sufficient to have only one changing its color.

          - The color of advertisements and the interior of buildings can also be varied in time.

          - For motor cars. Instead of using several light sources, direction indicator, brake, and rear lights may employ only one light source changing it color.

          Thus, the invention offers ample for progress in the lighting and color pattern of rooms. Patent pending.

The developed structure allows creating compact white and variable-colored lamps of any intensity…..


          A person spends most of his day with an artificial light that cannot be changed in time. Most people do not think about the wide possibilities of the influence of light on the physical and moral state. Different color shades of light, its quantity and its light temperature affect the human circadian cycles, the amount of melatonin in the body. The LEDs and laser lamps developed by us for high-grade lighting create comfortable lighting in rooms of 12-15 square meters. A CRI of at least 95. The lamp spectrum, which is variable during the day, is close to solar.

          Color temperature changes automatically in accordance with changes in the spectrum of sunlight. Such a dynamic lighting improves the psychological state of a person, creates a certain atmosphere in the room, activates the body. Manual adjustment of color temperature and color shades of light is possible.

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