A Robot for  Surgeries of Nasal Septa

          Every year, thousands of people worldwide undergo surgery to straighten their nasal septa.

          The quality of such surgeries and the long-term effects depend on the given patient’s general medical condition, the expertise of the surgeon, and the equipment used in the procedure.



          The operation becomes much simpler, and possible complications are excluded.

          The project involves development of an automatic device allowing short-time and accurate surgery according to the technique being proposed.


          1. Preoperative examination using the automatic device


          1.1. Automatic measurement of nasal septum deformities.

          1.2. Examination of the septum form by the surgeon on the display at various angles.

          1.3. Indication of the number, form, location and direction of incisions in the future operation on the display.


          2. Operation


          2.1. Manual submucous resection on one or both sides of the nasal septum.

          2.2. Laser knife insertion between the mucous coat and the nasal septum.

          2.3. Automatic incisions in the directions indicated by the surgeon in p. 1.3.

          2.4. Correction of the septum.


          Surgery duration is at the most 2 minutes.

          Realization of the project requires:


          Development of a special laser knife (possibly a separate project).

          Development of the relevant software.

          Development of the device.

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