development and planning of unique technologies

Superthin tin bread


          It’s always been like this - massive portions of bread are baked, and then the loaves are cut into thin slices.

           Our solution is to bake thin, ready-to-eat bread and not to bake loaves.

          This method of baking allows you to reduce the time of baking, since it takes 35-45 minutes to bake a loaf, and only 4-7 minutes to bake thin bread.

           As a result, there are significant savings when it comes to time, electricity, and gas. And most importantly, such thin bread has a unique taste, increased nutritional value, and new functionality.

          This project presents the development of a new superthin tin bread, the baking technology for home, restaurant/cafe, and industrial production, and preparation of new products using this bread.

          It took us two years to complete this project. 10 experimental devices were created for searching and developing new technologies and baking modes with new characteristics and various healthy additions to the dough.

          The unconventional size of this bread and quick pastries have opened up new functionality and many new properties of superthin tin bread.

          We came up with a name for our super-slim bread - Lechem.

           For making Lechem, you can use any bread-baking dough.


          The main advantages of Lechem


          Quick baking. From ready-to-bake dough or from frozen dough, you can bake fresh Lechem in just a few minutes. All you have to do at home is to put the ready-made dough, or the dough from the freezer, into the baking device and turn it on.


          On request, you can bake Lechem with various types of crusts -

from crisp brown to light and soft. Lechem does not crumble. If desired, Lechem can be soft, flexible or hard. Lechem can be baked with toppings - berries, fruits, sausages, cheese, etc.


          Lechem has a crust on both sides.

The new product has a unique taste and exquisite flavor.

          New products from Lechem-


          bread pockets of different sizes for fillings and sandwiches, appealing to both children and adults and new sandwiches.

          Lechem for healthy, dietary and therapeutic nutrition


          - The attractiveness of snacks and sandwiches lies in the fact that in the portions of bread products are much smaller. This means that a person gets more pleasure and fewer calories.


          -Gluten-free Lechem acquires a new flavor. In the usual baking, gluten-free bread often turns out to be damp, but Lechem has a tasty golden crust and a drier, softer middle. Lechem from germinated grain, soybeans, barley, lentils can help maintain low blood sugar and is perfect for individuals with Celiac’s disease or gluten sensitivity.

                  -Lechem will be very useful for pregnant and lactating mothers. For example, whole-grain Lechem baked with cheese filling contains a lot of protein, calcium, and fiber needed during pregnancy. Lechem with almonds is rich in vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, and heart healthy monounsaturated fats. Whole grain Lechem with yoghurt, and whole grain Lechem bars with nuts are useful for nursing mothers.


          - Bread bars as snacks, bread energy bars.

           They are similar to commercially available energy bars and snack bars, and include various nuts and seeds (cashews, almonds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, etc.) But this substrate in Lechem is bonded with a small amount of bread and does not contain sugar. The advantage is that Lechem makes such bars softer, more aromatic and healthier.


          - The nutritional value of Lechem is significantly higher compared to regular bread.

Lechem's short cooking time and reduced heat effects on the dough retain nutrients. Keep in mind that higher temperature and longer baking time destroy  vitamins, minerals and microorganisms (probiotics). Lechem is baked in just a few minutes and at a lower temperature, and the healthy nutrients are retained.

          - Cooking with fresh herbs.

 Due to the short baking time, it was possible to use fresh spicy and medicinal herbs, sea kale, and other valuable ingredients in the dough. As a result, Lechem has a delicate flavor. Fresh herbs also contain valuable nutrients and antioxidants.

Note that fresh herbs are not used when baking ordinary bread, because their taste and medicinal properties are destroyed due to the long baking time.

          - Baking Lechem with natural ingredients - vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts.

 This is a tasty, healthy and healing bread. Instead of water, vegetable products are mashed and added to flour while kneading dough. The nutritional value of such bread is characterized by a high content of nutrients contained in the raw materials. Such bread can be the main source of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and fiber. It is especially healthy for children and the elderly.

          - Lechem baking with cannabis.

Cannabis is used to alleviate pain and treat a number of diseases, and Lechem with cannabis is an excellent option for adult consumers in jurisdictions where cannabis is legal. Lechem with cannabis is a good choice for adults who use cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes.

          - Baking Lechem with liquid additives, such as

 coffee, green tea, chicken broth, juices, etc.

          -Baking small portions of bread.

 In such portions various ingredients can be added to satisfy individual tastes and needs.

          The next stage of the project is the development of different universal devices for baking Lechem at home, and the development of the necessary documentation and recipes, as well as the organization of the industrial production of these devices. These devices should be multifunctional - they should not only bake Lechem, but also perform the functions of various already existing devices for the preparation of pizza, vegetables, fish and meat dishes.

          For baking Lechem in small cafes and restaurants, you can use the existing equipment and modernize it. For mass baking of Lechem in bakeries, it is necessary to design and manufacture automatic lines.

          We hope that Lechem will be in demand.

          We have filed a patent application with the Patent Office of America (the United States Patent and Trademark Office).