Electrooptic Devices and Technologies

Electrooptic devices with ellipsoidal mirrors allowing the use of an unlimited number of light sources
The electrooptic devices under development are radiation sources allowing the use of an unlimited number of light sources such as laser diodes.
They add together the output radiation due to a stepwise arrangement of laser diodes or other light sources in a flat or spatial mechanical structure employing ellipsoidal mirrors.
The devices are suitable for directing the light to the input end of optical fiber or for creating laser-aided production equipment.
Multiple-LED Concentration System
The devices that concentrate the light energy from a single lamp on a very small surface area are widely used in science and industry.
The advent of Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs), due to their numerous advantages over the existing sources of light such as lamps (LEDs are considerably smaller in size, lighter in weight, and cheaper to manufacture), has caused a revolution in the lighting industry.
Using LEDs, many special devices (including various lighting devices) have been made.
However, as the brightness of a single LED is much lower than that of lamps originally used in the devices, multiple LEDs are to be used in them.
Concentration of light from many LEDs on a small surface area or even at a single point requires creation of a complicated mechanical system.
Development of a light guide LED electrooptic system
Development of an electrooptic device allowing light flux transmission from a distance through a light guide.
The light source consists of a certain number of LEDs whose radiation is added together by the use of a mechanical structure.
Development of a mechanical system for focussing and defocussing the beams reflected from ellipsoidal mirrors
Displacement of the emitter from the focus of an ellipsoidal mirror results in beam defocussing.
So, the size of light spot from a module can be controlled without any optic device, by the use of a mechanical device only.
New changeable-color luminaries and signal lamps advantages and Potential

Using the Electroforming Method for the Growth of Ferrules Intended for Sealing a Single Optical Fiber or a Fiber Ribbon Cable (Hermetic Photonic Packaging)

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