Electrochemical Machning

New Electrochemical Machning
A comparison of technological parameters of the developed electrochemical machine with those of the existing electric-discharge machines is given in the document.

The Use of Hard Alloys and Machining Them by the Electrochemical Method

ELECTROCHEMICAL MACHINING of metals to size is based on high-rate dissolution of the workpiece material with simultaneous action of high-density direct or pulse current and a flow of electrolyte fed through a narrow gap between the workpiece and the tool cathode.

The method is used to obtain shaped surfaces, holes and slots in hard, high-strength and high-temperature steels and alloys, and also for deburring in hard-to access places.

The process ensures high precision and good surface finish.
ECM is used in aircraft, machine-building and other industries.

Examples of parts very difficult to be machined by other methods:

A gear wheel with the outside diameter of 50mm

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