About Us

  • BRUS TECHNOLOGIES develops new production methods, equipment, machines, apparatus and special components for high-tech companies.
  • BRUS TECHNOLOGIES manufactures intricate plastic, copper, nickel and steel components in small quantities.
  • BRUS TECHNOLOGIES was established in 2002. Its place of business is Kiryat Gat, Israel.

Most of our customers are hi-tech companies whose activity in various fields demands top-quality performance.

Our costumers:
  • Kinneret Technologies.ltd
  • City hall of Qiryat-Gat
  • Soreq NRC
  • Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd
  • Israel Military Industries
  • Mars Antennas and RF Systems Ltd
  • Nanonics Imaging Ltd
  • Kulicke and Soffa Ltd
  • Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva
  • University Center of Samaria
  • Technological incubators of: Jerusalem,Ashqelon

Main activities:
  • Designing and manufacturing of apparatus, machines, robotic mechanisms, micromechanics.
  • Development of non-conventional technologies and equipment.
  • Development and manufacture of precision mechanisms.
  • Development and manufacture of metal and plastic molds. Polymers having various physical properties are used for casting plastic components in non-metal molds.
  • Copper and nickel electroforming. Manufacture of intricate thin-wall
  • Designing and manufacturing of prototypes.
  • Consulting services – making decisions in difficult situations.
  • Manufacture of industrial products and artwork by electroforming.

Zinovi Brusilovsky is Company's Manager.

Main specialization: R&D in fine mechanics, electrochemistry and electrooptics.
Leads development of new equipment and apparatus, improvement of various production methods including electrochemical machining of hard alloys, dies, molds and microcomponents.
Academic degrees: М.Sc., Ph.D. in Manufacturing Engineering (State Aviation Engineering University in Russia), D.Sc. in Experimental Physics (Institute of Electronics of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow).
Experience in Russia: development of new machines and production methods in aircraft and electronic industries.

More than 60 publications.
The work on the book “Electrochemical Machining Technology” is nearing completion.

Latest article was published in "Journal of Materials Processing Technology", USA.
Volume 196, Issues 1-3, 21 January 2008, Pages 311-320.
Title: "Adjustment and readjustment of electrochemical machines and control of the process parameters in machining shaped surfaces". Abstract


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